Welcome to the 3rd Ep of eCom Stories With Raja | How Amazon Works | Amazon Sellers | Raja | Ashley

Welcome to the 3rd Episode of eCom Stories With Raja. In This Video We will Talk About The Success Journey of Ashley Armstrong Who is the Hidden Rule Expert and also an amazon seller plus Author.

What You Will Learn in This Video

  1. Some Tips about Amazon FBA Profitable Products
  2. Some Tips About The Amazon FBA Product Launch
  3. Some Amazon Hidden Rules

Who is Ashley Armstrong

Ashley Armstrong ‘The Hidden Rules Expert’™, E-Commerce Consultant and Best Selling Author helps sellers successfully navigate the in’s and out’s of eCommerce to scale their businesses to 8-figures and beyond.

After building a 7-figure physical product business, the renowned author and Advisor, having been nominated as one of the best Amazon consultants by SellerPoll, established an eCommerce consulting firm that specializes in navigating Amazon’s ‘hidden rules’ of engagement. Her expertise has helped thousands of sellers properly position their product lines in order to increase sales, build a loyal customer base, and drive revenue. On average Ashley’s top clients see a 140% increase in sales in 30 days.

Ashley partnered with Amazon and Marketing guru Dan Hollings, as well as companies like Sustain Natural and Viome, who won awards like The Most Innovative Startups 2019, Company of the Year Award, and Startup Award 2020.

She has also consulted for influencers like Naveen Jain and Jeffrey Hollender and worked with experts including Joe Polish, Jason Fladlien, Philip Jepsen, Greg Mercer, Ori Firouz, Abdul Samad, and Chance Anthony. For her expertise, she has been featured in Entrepreneur, Medium, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Emmy-Award winning program The List Tv, CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX NEWS.

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