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Welcome to the 13th Episode of eCom Stories With Raja. In This Video We will Talk About Some Amazing Tips which are shared by the Founder and CEO of Amazing @ home Amy Wee

What You Will Learn in This Video

1) Some Information about Amy
2) 3 Tips of success in the amazon in Detail By Amazing at Home

Who is Raja Hamza Rasheed:
CEO @ eCom Managers.com | Founder & Host @eCom Stories With Raja

Raja is an Extremely Dynamic Marketer & Consumer Behavior Analyst. He holds a Degree in Consumer Behavior & Marketing from the University of Punjab Pakistan. Along With His Own Amazon Selling Business, he is Also a Consultant & Trainer to Many Amazon Sellers & Brands. In his Career, Raja Worked in Multiple Organizations in Managerial & Leadership Roles. He Helps More Than 140 Amazon Sellers Through His Result Driven Strategies and Tactics.

His Main areas of Expertise Includes Product Hunting, Launching, Ranking, Branding, Marketing, Advertising & Merchandising. Raja Has working Experience in Almost all the Amazon Market Places But Mainly Includes the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and India.

Who is Amy Wee :

Amy Wees is the CEO of Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting. Her coaching focuses on helping brands develop unique products, validate them in the marketplace, a source at profitable margins, and launch with amazing brand messaging, copywriting, and search engine optimization.

She shares her skills teaching classes at business organizations locally in San Antonio Texas, coaching entrepreneurs around the world through virtual coaching sessions and in-person sourcing trips in China at (https://amazingathome.com). She also covers these concepts on her E-Commerce Tips and Tricks podcast called “The Seller Round Table” (https://sellerroundtable.com/)

Background: Amy is an Expert Planner with 18 years of military planning experience, she holds 3 Undergraduate and 2 Graduate Degrees. She is an Entrepreneur with 3 brands in the marketplace and more on the way, a Brand Builder, Inventor, and Patent holder. She’s also a Teacher and Public Speaker, Search Engine Optimization Expert, and Copywriter.

Her Story: I invented a product from scratch and brought it to the market along with an entire line of products for my brand. I’ve been flipping products as a hobby on eBay and Amazon for close to 15 years. I figured out how to build my brand, launch, and grow my sales simply by studying the market, writing a business plan, and becoming a master copywriter and advertiser. Now I teach these skills to other entrepreneurs and coaching has become my new passion. My goal is to discover your passion, build your confidence and help you build a brand that will knock your customer’s socks off!

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Raja Hamza Rasheed

Raja is an Extremely Dynamic Marketer & Consumer Behavior Analyst. Along With His Own Amazon Selling Business, he is Also a Consultant & Trainer to the Many Amazon Sellers & Brands.

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